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Lack of (he)art by junzpow
May 18, 2011, 1:20 am
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You know,I realised why the Festival Village is so lacklustre these past 5 days is because of the absence of art! Yes, there’re great food and disco music… (yes, disco music!)… but these don’t make a village arty. Yes, I know there will be a few musicians playing there or films being shown later on, but there must at least be some visual appeal, other than navigating through the 2-storey-high kelong (Malay for stilt house) to get to the Main Stage.

So I suggest we bring in both the fashion models and the performance artists! The latter are the most portable and quirky and will surely draw a crowd or entertain those who are already at the village. It would be great to see Yellow Man (aka Lee Wen) prance around from stall to table, or a bunch of male and female beach-wear models showing off the city’s latest creative talent alla Ashley Isham. Then, at least my brotwurst (sausages) and Tung Lok buns might taste a tad more delicious. Time for interventionist art! Don’t be shy, be yourself at this year’s Singapore Arts Festival!

Jun Zubillaga-Pow